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company profile

DN-METALCHROM has been in business since 1996, specializing in production of containers and light steel structures. Our professional team of engineers, welders and metal fabrication specialists maintains long-term cooperation with our foreign customers (mostly form Benelux, France, Denmark and Norway). Our portfolio includes high quality standard containers built in accordance with ISO standards, special containers with equipment like insulation, cooling units, power sockets, etc., open top containers, containers with side door, double side door, double door variations... Standard storage containers come with wooden or steel floor and colour choice according to RAL colour chart plus a wide range of additional equipment available upon request [power sockets, shelves, racks]. We offer reasonable prices, flexible delivery times and guarantee high manufacture and surface treatment quality.


technical specification

abroll containers

suitable for storage and transportation of building materials or waste products on trucks / trucks with chain loading system

standard wall thickness 4mm, floor thickness 5mm

special containers

  • office containers
  • office containers split into warehouse and office space
  • different types of accessories for containers (stairs, ramps of various sizes, locks)
  • storage containers with abroll system
  • warehouse containers prepared for placement of technological equipment
  • fecal tanks [of different sizes as required]
  • light steel structures
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Bočiarska 28, 040 15 Košice - Šaca, Slovakia
IČO: 31 722 636
IČ DPH: SK2020495906
Zap. V OROS Košice I., odd. Sro. vl. č. 7444/V